Kodak EasyShare P720 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame

Kodak provides many digital photograph frames that include models which have built-in wireless connectivity as well as cutting-edge OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display technology. However, its P720, 7-inch frame, is about as simple as it gets, as well as sits at the entry line of the Kodak product line with a street cost of under $70.

A few digital photograph frames possess metal finishes or real wood, yet this is stringently a plastic affair. With its slim, simple black border, this frame appears elegant enough from far away and will come with two stick-on adornment mattes (one will be red and the other one silver) which allow a user to customize this frame’s appearance. The kickstand does not swivel, yet you will possess the choice of propping this frame up within a vertical or horizontal orientation. Upon the back of this frame there include keyhole slots for mounting this frame to the wall using screws along with the threaded tripod mount should you wish to prop it up using a tripod.

As features go, this P720 will be extremely basic. To begin with, it will come with no memory, and you need to provide your very own memory card. You just slip the XD-Picture Card, SD/SDHC, or Memory Stick into the slot at the tip of this frame then the slideshow will automatically begin. You could additionally connect a flash memory storage device (thumbdrive) or camera right on the frame through a USB connector.

There is additionally a different slot, interestingly, that is devoted to only SD/SDHC cards (the additional memory card slot will also accept SD cards). You could connect several memory cards to this frame and copy photographs from the first memory card to the other or from the camera to the memory card.

The frame, as with many of Kodak’s additional frames, includes a Touch Border unit that means you will touch the bezel of this frame to have access to the settings and menus. With the frame, the different touch points alongside the right side and bottom of the frame will light up as you touch on the bezel. You need to touch the border close to the icons which appear upon the screen.

For the ones used to handling touch-screen displays, it will not seem intuitive at first, yet as you become used to it, this system will work very well. (There have been a few comments concerning this Touch Border not being elderly-friendly, yet anyone who reads the directions ought to have the ability to gain the hang of it pretty rapidly).


• Included selection of customized borders
• Touch-panel navigation
• Pretty zippy and responsive operation
• Easy to use
• Affordable


• No built-in memory
• No Compact Flash card support
• No Remote
• All plastic

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