Benefits of a Pro Photo Lab for Photographers

Pro photo labs may seem redundant in the midst of high mega pixel digital cameras and the plethora of high-end home office printers that have flooded the market. Nothing could be farther from the truth however. Digital cameras have opened up the world of photography to amateurs like never before which is why it is more important than ever for professionals to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The proof is in the quality of the printed product.

The benefits of a pro photo lab encompass all areas of print production from proofing, color calibration and management to printing, mounting and finishing.

* Premium products/ substrates — Professional paper, waterproof gallery wrapped canvas and premium paper for fine prints are some of the products professionals have access to when choosing a pro photo lab for their printing needs. They also enjoy the benefit of choosing the finish and format that best suits their need, which expands display possibilities for their images.
* Color management – Color reproduction is an area where a lab can make all the difference between average looking prints and consistently high quality prints. Labs match color across printers and substrates. Thorough pro photo labs calibrate printers to a single color target daily and balance their printers hourly to maintain color consistency. As a result consumers see uniformity in color in all the products they order whether they’re photo prints, photo mugs or stationery. They also see this consistency over time. Qualified pro photo labs meet the high standards of color calibration set by a non-profit industry association.
* Soft proofing – Many pro photo labs use a standardized file format to enable their customers to soft proof their order. Soft proofing allows consumers to preview how a final printed photograph or artwork will look by simulating the colors of the final print using the customer’s computer.
* Equipment – One of the biggest benefits of a lab is that it employs state-of-the-art printers that produce the best results. Consumers thus have their work printed by the latest commercial grade professional printers from Durst, Noritsu, HP, and Epson, resulting in superior quality products.
* Expertise – A pro photo lab gives consumers the advantage of having trained and experienced print professionals oversee the printing of their products. Experts who breathe color calibration and know the ins and outs of the printing process ensure that the end product is the best it can be.
* Premium packing – Pro labs offer packaging products and techniques that keep printed material intact until they reach their destination. They specialize in packing different types of material including flat and rolled prints, fine art prints and canvas.
* Consumers can focus on specialty — Choosing a pro photo lab gives photographers and other industry professionals the time and freedom to focus on their area of specialization without having to worry about the availability and selection of premium paper, ink replacement, matching proofs to prints and the other technical details associated with printing.
* Variety — By offering a range of formats, mediums and end products such as home decor items, stationery and gifts, pro photo labs maximize the potential of photographs and images. By exploring printing options they may not have considered earlier, professionals may enjoy increased revenue and visibility.

If you are a pro photographer you can use multi-purpose labs like ezprints ( Pro labs like ezprints go beyond the pro services and offer personalized products from canvas to gifts.

For professional photographers and other serious consumers for whom the quality of printed products is an important consideration, the benefits of a pro photo lab far outweigh the cost.