How To Use Photos And Gallery Images In Your Auctions

Think like your customers to get a feel for what they might type in.

Write your Product Description explaining in detail exactly what it is potential bidders will be bidding on. Depending on the value of the item you’re selling you will either write a long description or a short description.

The last thing you want to be doing is spending hours writing up descriptions for items you’ll only make $ 3 profit on.

Make sure you have covered all the points that include the items features and most importantly the benefits to the customer.

o Title description

o What type of listing is it? ‘Buy it now’ or auction?

o Listing Description. Is it compelling?

o How many bids did it get?

o What were the photos like?

o What were the postage and handling fees?

o Was there a refund or returns policy?

o Did the seller use a ‘hit’ counter?

o Was there a call to action?

o Did the seller seem credible?

o Did the seller have outstanding feedback?

o What was the layout and design like?

o Did you like the look of the listing overall, and would YOU have placed a bid on this item?

There have been countless studies taken out, on the pro’s and con’s of having the Gallery Image beside your listing, and test’s have proven again and again, that listings with a gallery image, make more money.

When you’re creating your listing, the first image is free, and this image is normally also used as your Gallery Image. After that, you can include up to 11 pictures with various fees applicable. Some of the more advanced options include…

o Super Size

This is where you can make your pictures larger than the standard size of 400 X 300 pixels, and there are extra fees for this option.

o Picture Show

A picture show is a slide show feature that scrolls through the photos you include.

o Picture Pack

The Picture Pack is a package deal that eBay offer if you would like a combination of all of the above.

As mentioned, all of these features have various fees and charges. You can choose to subscribe to eBay’s Picture Manager and pay a monthly fee to host your photos, or you can choose another service to host your photos for you.

Two hosting options are Auctiva and Vendio. Auctiva includes a totally free picture hosting capability as part of a complete auction-listing program.

Your main consideration when uploading your pictures to your listing is to always keep in mind that shoppers can’t physically touch or see what it is you’re selling.

Your pictures need to be as detailed as possible, so that the shopper feels confident that if they bought your item, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

For example, if you were selling a used leather handbag with wear and tear creases and scratches, and your listing showed stock pictures of a brand new unmarked handbag in perfect condition, then the buyer will be very upset and you can expect to get negative feedback.

Of course the amount of pictures you use in your listing, depends on the value of the item you’re selling.

Remember time is money, and it you can showcase your item with less pictures then do so.

Poor images in listings definitely bring less sales and less bids. If you want to blow your competition out of the water, you must make sure that your pictures are clear, and there are enough to show every angle and feature of the item.

The Best Digital Photo Printers For Home

Digital cameras have come a long way since their entry into the consumer market. There are cameras that can take professional quality photographs that only cost a few hundred dollars. However, one of the most common problems still remains. Printing professional grade photographs at a store requires transportation, time and money. Luckily, there are a number of digital photo printers that can be purchased and used repeatedly for as little as 27 cents a photo!

Many individuals who take the most pictures are very young and very old. This can make traditional technology extremely difficult to understand as well as out of their price range. At the same time, people with years of computer experience may also be new to the world of photo printing from home. The Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printer makes the perfect solution to both problems. This photo printer is affordable, costing only $50 and has an easy to utilize system. You get high quality photographs that look like they came from a photolab every single time. 4″ X 6″ photographs are finished in stunning detail within 60 seconds. This device is perfect for the casual photographer who needs to print photos on demand.

The best digital photo printers include features such as a PictBridge camera connection and multiple card readers. A PictBridge is a special connection where some digital cameras can print pictures directly from the camera to the printer. Depending upon the brand/model of a digital camera, there are number of different memory card formats that individuals can have. Whether your camera has Pro Duo, SD, microSD or something else ensure that the photo printer you select has a card reader for it. While connecting your camera via a USB cable is always an option, it is always the best method to go about printing digital photos.

Shopping sites such as Amazon allow you to compare photo color printers. There are a number of features such as the amount of pictures that a certain printer will print within one hour, what print resolution the photo will be in, what type of paper is required for printing and whether ink or toner will be used to print the pictures. Laser printing is favored by many, while there are other consumers who have fell in love with color printing.

Professional photo printing is still available in the comfort of your own home. The Sony SnapLabâ„¢ digital photo printer is a miniature version of the machine that is found within many of the 15 minute photo shops in cities across the world. This photo color printer has built in editing tools that make editing your photos a breeze. It can print several photos within a ten second period and is able to be easily customized to meet the needs of the printing. An eight inch LCD touchscreen makes inputting the photo selections extremely simple. The Sony SnapLab digital photo printer is rather pricey, coming in at $1,250.

Canon, Epson and Samsung digital photo printers all offer unique features for photographers to use. Comparison shopping is a must for anyone in the market to purchase one of these amazing photographic devices!

Lamitek Photo Pro 13 Laminator: Reviewed

The PhotoPro 13 (also known as the PhotoSmart 13) offers versatile, affordable lamination for classroom, office and home. This light-mid duty laminator is designed to provide quality lamination of inkjet prints and photographs.

The PhotoPro 13 Features:

  • Simple Operation. The knob controls on the Lamitek PhotoSmart 13 are super intuitive and easy to use.
  • Laminates up to 10 Mil Pouches. Most laminators in this price range typically do not laminate anything thicker than 5 Mil pouches. This can be very limiting if you want to create sturdy items.
  • 13″ Wide Throat. The 13″ side opening on the PhotoPro 13 allows you to laminate using larger sizes of laminating pouches, including large display or menu size pouches.
  • Photo Lamination. Photos and inkjet prints pose laminating challenges that are resolved by using a photo friendly laminator, like the PhotoPro 13 by Lamitek.
  • Teflon Coated Heat Plates.Teflon coating ensures that the heat plate does not accumulate glue allowing for smooth trouble free lamination.
  • 4 Roller Heating System. The four roller heating system combined with heat ensure a quality lamination that is free from bubbles or imperfections.
  • Foil Fusing Capable.Temperature can be adjusted hot enough to use with toner compatible foils for foil laminating.
  • Contemporary Design. The PhotoPro 13 housing is constructed of a blue plastic with a rounded design. It looks different than other boxy machines in it’s class. If the style of your machine is a purchasing point, this may be the one for you.
  • 1 Year Warranty.The photopro 13 comes with a 1 year manufacturers. During the warranty period, Lamitek will repair or replace the machine.

Suggestions for Purchasing this Laminator

The PhotoPro 13 Laminator is currently priced around $160, which is an excellent value for this machine that is full of features. This laminator is great for the classroom, home office, personal use or any office looking for a light to mid duty laminator with photo quality results.

Higher volume users may consider a heavy duty machine, which will involve a larger investment. The Banner American PL12A is an all around good machine that offers adjustable temperature and speed, its durable and will last many years. However, the PL12A is not marketed as a photo laminator. The ProLam Plus 330 by Akiles offers commercial duty lamination with photo quality results. These two machines offer both temperature and speed control.

All three machines offer lamination of pouches up to 10 mils thick and can laminate all types of cards, photos, signs, menus and documents.